providing a sounding board for executives to discuss ideas

Coaching Commitment benefits the individual by:

• providing a sounding board for executives to discuss ideas, opinions and concerns without fear or favour

• ensuring he or she is fully aware of their management style, the expectations they place upon others, motivations and the impact this approach has on relationships and outcomes

• offering an independent perspective and personal guidance regardless of whether clients face career dilemmas or are deemed to be rising stars needing help to rise to the next level

• ensuring coaching outcomes and strategies are individually tailored to personal learning styles and varying professional contexts

• offering critical assistance for executives suddenly requiring flexible skill sets – such as a technical expert needing help to develop completely new skills or a line manager being posted to a vastly different cultural setting

Coaching Commitment benefits the company by:

• ensuring companies enhance the value of their greatest asset – their people

• acknowledging that corporate goals require many and different people skills, some are innate and some are learned, and at different times some people need assistance getting where they want to go

• having individually tailored coaching programs you gain a happier, more productive team, objectives will be achieved sooner and the bottom line improves from every perspective

• being flexible as each client responds differently to guidance – some resist new strategies, some need longer to understand why different strategies may be more appropriate and some quickly commit to new ways of dealing with their responsibilities and relationships

• investing in the people who are deemed to be the drivers of change for your organisation you ensure the best strategic outcome for both the organisation and the client

• arranging the delivery of coaching sessions at times and a place best suited to the client

Coaching Commitment values

Coaching Commitment is a business focused on meeting and satisfying business needs in the field of executive coaching.

Coaching Commitment values its commitment and responsibility to clients; its commitment to effect change and enable clients to reach their potential; the importance of enhancing the value and lives of people, individually and collectively, an organisation’s greatest asset; and its duty as a driver of change remains our utmost priority.

As an organisation we believe our commitment to executive coaching clients remains paramount in every respect:

• every client is managed with integrity and respect

• every client is different and hence gains a different experience

• every client has the ability to extract greater potential

• every client has the ability to enhance the potential of others

• every client deserves the best executive coaching experience

Coaching Commitment will help you make the changes

Coaching Commitment is a business that provides executive coaching for people seeking to change the way they conduct their lives and hence achieve far greater potential.

The service delivery, in turn, is an effective management tool that assists organisations to achieve their objectives sooner with significant multiplier benefits.

Coaching Commitment is unique in the way it makes its name a management tenet to override all client related activities. We add value to the lives of our clients by providing them with the skills to empower their lives and potentially the lives of others.

Coaching Commitment leverages the skills and professional experiences of its principal coach, Susie Manson. Susie’s skills and experiences encompass local and overseas appointments in the financial services sector, industry consulting, lecturing at a well-known university, being a political candidate, managing corporate communications and advising investors.

Most businesses in the ‘coaching market’ attempt to provide all forms of coaching. Coaching Commitment is solely focused on the provision of executive coaching.

Coaching Commitment's areas of expertise

• leadership

• facilitation

• marketing

• international business & cross cultural issues

• work life balance • politics

• management skills

• mediation and dispute resolution

• time management & organisation

• public relations & stakeholder management

You should choose Coaching Commitment because

• it is a bonus to discover an executive coach with such a strong range of skills and experiences

• you tap local and international work experience

• you can talk to a coach who has a good understanding of cross cultural business challenges

• your coach has experienced life as an executive and as a consultant

• the chance to engage an academic’s learning within coaching is a plus

• you gain access to an unusual mix of rural, urban and global communications capabilities

• your coach has backed career experience with well regarded management qualifications

• you access exposure to organisations that have rewarded talent and motivation and others that have been less enlightened

• your coach understands and respects versatility in a career

• you benefit from direct exposure to a variety of corporate environments and organisational cultures

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