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Congratulations on establishing Coaching Commitment. In my view, not only is there a clear need for such a group, but you have the skills and judgment to make it a success. Your extensive background in business, and academia, have developed the ability to work constructively with people, to bring insights to issues, and to get problems resolved.

All the best for the future.

Kind Regards
Peter FitzRoy
Emeritus Professor
Monash University 


I am delighted to wish you all the best as you launch Coaching Commitment. You’ve amassed a wealth of experience over the years and now your clients will reap the benefit. Executive coaching is sought by so many. Enjoy the business.

Valda Walsh
Walsh Cairnes & Co Pty Ltd
Immediate Past President REIV


Your new venture ‘Coaching Commitment’ is a smart move, as it will fill an important mentoring gap. Your coaching expertise plus your broad commercial and corporate experience will enable you to bring a high degree of added value to your clients, who will be more effective and useful as a result.

Best wishes
Robert Barnes

Dear Susie

I was delighted to hear that you have established Coaching Commitment; your skills, experience and professionalism auger well for both your clients and the business.

Jane Harvey FAICD
Company Director

Good Morning Susie

I am writing to congratulate you on all your achievements with your coaching and coaching practice. Having observed you coaching on our Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching program, and having had the pleasure of being coached by you, I congratulate you on your focused and confident approach that helps you facilitate your results with clients. I feel your strong business background will compliment your coaching skills and I really wish you all the best!

Kind regards,
Natalie Ashdown
The Open Door Coaching Group Pty Ltd

Dear Susie

Having just heard about the opening of your new business, “Coaching Commitment” I wanted to wish you all the best for a successful future.

I know that you bring a ton of experience to this new role of yours Susie, and having watched you in action as a coach just recently, it is obvious to me that your many years of life and corporate experience are supported by considerable skill and a level of empathy which will undoubtedly add immense value to your clients in any work that you do.

Cheers – Brian Clark
Brian Clark
Managing Director
Marketing Consultants Associated Pty Ltd


Congratulations on taking the bold step to launch Coaching Commitment – a great move. Not only are you stepping up to fill a tremendous need for executive coaching services but you will do it extremely well. Over the years you have amassed relevant skills and experiences across a range of financial, corporate, academic and political environments.

You offer your clients a special insight- based on diverse experiences and skills. Your career pathway has taken you from international investment markets to political campaigns and proves you have the communication skills and empathy to relate to wide range of situations and to now apply that executive coaching is the logical step. I have no doubt you will be a great coach and resource for your clients. Best wishes!

Judith Smith
Head of Private Equity
Industry Funds Management Pty Ltd